Special issue on the theme “Leadership and Employees’ Performance on the Verge of a New Era: The Challenges Brought by COVID-19 on Workplaces” in the journal Administrative Sciences indexed in Scopus, MDPI, with submissions open until 30 September 2021

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Research Fellowship for the scientific area of Social Sciences

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Inês Lisboa integrates the team that received the “Alfredo da Silva Research Award

CARME researcher Inês Lisboa was part of the team of the project “CBmeter – a new device for early detection of type II diabetes mellitus”, winner of the “Alfredo Silva Research Award”, on June 30th.

In the category “Technological Innovation, Mobility and Industry”, this team added an important award for the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. With this award delivered by the hands of the President of the Republic, it is evident the recognition of the scientific activities that are being developed at the Polytechnic of Leiria, as an engine of “knowledge at the service of society,” said the team leader.

CARME researcher participates in the “Portugal em Direto” program,from Antena1

The project “ShareFOREST”, led by the University of Aveiro and the Polytechnic of Leiria, and in partnership with OIKOS, was highlighted in the program “Portugal em Direto”, from Antena 1, last May 13. It counted with the participation of Maria Eduarda Fernandes, CARME researcher and Co-Responsible for the project, who commented on the importance of “broadening the debate in civil society” and considered that future decisions about forest management should be part of the Portuguese political agenda. The “ShareFOREST” project plans to develop and operationalize a methodology and agenda for public participation for the coastal forests affected by 2017 fires.

Action plan developed by CARME researchers is awarded

According to Jornal de Leiria (9/05 edition), the Municipality of Batalha will be awarded for the good execution of their Urban Regeneration Action Plan. This Plan was developed by Professors Ana Sofia Lopes, Ana Sargento, and Maria Eduarda Fernandes, CARME researchers. It can be consulted in http://hdl.handle.net/10400.8/2755 and was the basis for several interventions in the urban regeneration of public spaces with the approximated value of 2.7 million euros.

CARME researcher was present in the digital debate of the Expresso Projects

        To reach the targets defined by 2050 in the Paris Agreement, the European carbon license market plays a fundamental role in this path. It was in this context that the CARME researcher, Maria Eduarda Fernandes, participated in the 9th digital debate of the “50 to 2050” project, last March, an initiative by Expresso and BP. With a central theme focused on “GHG Emission Licenses – The New Reality 2021-2030”, Maria Eduarda Fernandes mentioned that the “scarcity logic may not be enough to achieve the 2050 goals” even if she considers that the mechanism has been improved over the various periods of the market.

Jornal Expresso_ mercados carbono 2021 – 2030

Research Fellowship

Research Fellowship for the scientific area of Management

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International Public Tender

International public tender for an assistant researcher for the scientific area of Management or Economics

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In Memory of Professor Rob Gray

On behalf of the CARME, we are deeply saddened to share the news that Rob Gray passed away last 30th of June. This news will be devastating for all of us across the CSEAR network.  We remember his help in implementing the “The Portuguese CSEAR Conference – Gecamb” since 2005, co-organized by CARME. Professor Rob visited our institution in 2005 and 2014.

“The Portuguese are intrinsically linked to the Smartphone”

Região de Leiria publishes Opinion of researchers from CARME, in the “Aqui perto” section, under the YoungMob project– Facing youngsters’ mobile addiction through an innovative technological app.

Award Best Paper attributed to researcher of CARME

The paper “Non-Financial Information Reporting And Assurance: A New Opportunity For Auditors? Evidence From Portugal ” was recognized as best paper in the 15th EIASM Interdisciplinary Workshop on “Intangibles & Intellectual Capital” – Non-Financial and Integrated Reporting,Governance and Value Creation. The paper is authored by Professor Teresa Eugénio (CARME-IPLeiria), Sónia Gomes (ESTG-IPLeiria), Manuel Castelo Branco (University of Porto).


CARME in Top 5 Ranking

CARME was recognized for its performance in 2018 in the top 5 of the Leiria Polytechnic’s 15 research centers.

Quartin Graça Award

Marcello Angotti, a researcher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – who did a doctoral internship at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, supervised by Professor Teresa Eugénio, researcher of CARME – wanted to “develop a [accounting] framework for assessing the sustainability of the mining industry”, trying with it to answer concretely the question of “if society would have its social costs contemplated in the commercial transactions of iron ore”. It was an innovative approach that earned him the “Quartin Graça Award” in the Economic and Business Sciences category.


Collaboration Protocol for the “Cientificamente Provável” Programme.

On 5th June, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education agreed on a new Collaboration Protocol for the “Cientificamente Provável” Programme, which establishes partnerships between Research Units and the Portuguese Network of School Libraries of primary and high schools. CARME was represented by our researcher Inês Lisboa.

Communicating science in Ideas for Leaders platform

The paper “How authentic leadership promotes individual performance: Mediating role of organizational citizenship behavior and creativity”, co-authored by Neuza Ribeiro and published in the International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, was selected by the Ideas for Leaders platform to make its main findings known to executives around the world. Ideas for Leaders (IfL) – is a sister platform to IEDP Developing Leaders. IfL works with the leading global business schools (for example, INSEAD, Standford Business, IMD, Center for Creative Leadership), taking their most relevant business research and summarizing it to be easily and quickly digested by executives – to spark their thinking and maintain their ‘best practice’ knowledge.

Award Best Paper attributed to researcher of CARME

The paper “The role of perceived organizational support and person-organization fit in the relationship between corporate social responsibility and work engagement” was recognized as best paper in the Ethics and Social Responsibility category at the X PostGraduate Conference, Management, Hospitality & Tourism, ISCAL, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon. The paper is authored by Professor Ana Patrícia Duarte (BRU, ISCTE-IUL), José Neves (Dinamia-IUL) and Neuza Ribeiro (CARME-IPLeiria).