Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. Student Camila Fagundes

Ph.D. student with solid experience in performing routines and managing research groups and projects. In the Management Research Group at Feevale University develop research in the areas of nature tourism, sustainable tourism, corporate sustainability, and sustainable development.

M.Sc. in Environmental Quality at Feevale University (Brasil).

 Ph.D. Student supervisor: Ph.D. Maria Eduarda Fernandes
Period at CARME: September 10, 2021 to February 28, 2022
Ph.D. Student Izabel Regina de Souza

Ph.D. student in the Graduate Program in Socioeconomic Development at the University of Extremo Sul Catarinense – UNESC. Master’s Degree in Administration from UNIVALI, MBA in Business Management and Bachelor’s Degree in Administration, with Honours in Foreign Trade from UNESC. Teacher with experience in the subjects of International Negotiations, Customs Legislation, Systematic of Exportation and Importation, Managerial Practices in Foreign Trade, Introduction to Foreign Trade, International Transport and Insurance, Fundamentals of Tourism. Coordinator of the Tourism Management Course of UNESC. Director of UNESC Araranguá. Professional Business Experience, as partner-owner of the company Trade Line Assessoria em Comércio Exterior.

Ph.D. Student supervisor: Ph.D. Teresa Eugénio and Ph.D.Dulcineia Ramos
Period at CARME: September 05, 2021 to October 04, 2021