Places to visit in Leiria

Get to know the city of Leiria the place that was once inhabited by Suevi, Tulsus, Celtiberians, Moors, and Romans before the reign of Afonso Henriques, the first King of Portugal. The stones of the ancient Roman city were used in the Middle Ages to build part of Leiria. In the castle you still can see stones with Raman inscriptions. Leiria is located between the castle and the Lis River.

TOP 5 - Interesting places to visit

1 – Leiria Castle
Classified as a national monument, it is the most emblematic construction in the city’s history. The architectural style of the Castle embodies 5 periods: the Romanesque of the 12th century, the Gothic Dionysius of the first half of the 14th century, the Gothic Joanino of the early 15th century, late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. Currently, it is a pleasant place to go for a walk and sightseeing. A large part of the city can be seen from the top of the hill.

Address: São Pedro Square, 2400-235 Leiria – Portugal
GPS Coordinates: 39°44’51.1″N 8°48’31.0″W
More information: https://www.visiteleiria.pt/en/

2 – Leiria old town
The old town is comprised of a beautiful and enriched architectural ensemble. Visitors can attempt to retrace the steps of Padre Amaro and Amelia, the central figures of the famous novel by Eça de Queirós, the famous Portuguese writer and diplomat. This place is a must-see as it has many stories to tell.

Address: Cathedral Square, 2400-175 Leiria – Portugal
GPS Coordinates: 39°44’45.5″N 8°48’25.8″W
More information: https://www.visiteleiria.pt/en/

3 – Rodrigues Lobo Square
The square is located in the heart of Leiria and is named after the 16th century Leiria’s poet, Francisco Rodrigues Lobo. It is a beautiful place to see by day or night. At night the square has a vibrant night life with restaurants, cafes and bars, some with live music.

Address: Rodrigues Lobo Square, 2400-080, Leiria – Portugal
GPS Coordinates: 39°44’40.7″N 8°48’28.1″W
More information: https://www.visiteleiria.pt/en/

4 – Luís de Camões Garden
Located right in the city centre, this beautiful garden with flowers, lawns and sculptures, dates back to the 19th century. It is a suitable place to enjoy and relax in the city, to do sports or walk along the river banks.

Address: 5 de Outubro Square, 2400-137, Leiria – Portugal
GPS Coordinates: 39°44’38.6″N 8°48’24.9″W
More information: https://www.cm-leiria.pt/

5 – Sant’ana Market
The building, dating from the early 20th century, was restored by the local famous architect Ernesto Korrod. It used to house the Municipal Market of Leiria. Currently it became part of the cultural center, and serves as a meeting place for locals.

Address: Santana Square, 2400-120, Leiria – Portugal
GPS Coordinates: 39°44’35.6″N 8°48’27.1″W
More information: https://www.visiteleiria.pt/en

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