Research Applied to the Region

Leiria region, where CARME is located, is known as a highly industrialized region, with a strong export orientation. With some leading companies working with cutting edge technology, its business fabric is also characterized by a high concentration in small companies, many of which lack management capabilities and in-house R&D. This leads to limited absorptive capacity of innovation gains.

Management and Economics applied research undertake an important role in capacity building towards innovation adoption, particularly when carried out in a multidisciplinary setting. We expect our industry and society-driven research to devise local solutions that allow our organizations to undertake a smoother adaptation to imminent changes in business, such as industrial digitalization, servitisation and fast decision-making, always keeping in mind the need to adopt sustainable production processes.

CARME researchers combine different areas of expertise within the broad area of management and economics, including: Business Administration, International Business, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Regional and Local Planning and Sustainable Development.

Applied R&D projects carried out by CARME members (concluded and ongoing) have revealed that a closer cooperation with regional business, sectorial associations and non-profit organizations, maximizes the regional impact of research. With this in mind, regular events directed to the non-scientific community will be organized, aiming to offer access to specific expertise or obtain indication about particular industry-based problems that may be addressed by CARME researchers and/or collaborating students.

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